Office Occupancy Counter



Long Range communiction on LoRaWAN.


The LoRaWAN People Counter works with horizontal infrared technology.


No camera or personal data is used, meaning you will not have issues regarding the European GDPR.

IMBuildings - Office Occupancy Counter

Working, living, learning and doing sports in a healthy environment where sustainable and efficient choices can be made. The Office Occupancy Counter contributes to this. Organisations are making increasingly higher demands on their facilities and working environment. The focus everywhere is currently on a healthy working environment, cost control and sustainability. The "Floor Space" must be arranged and utilised as optimal as possible. This starts with measuring occupancy. The Office Occupancy Counter knows and measures how rooms are used. By measuring traffic in the passageways, occupancy can be clarified and the information used to determine the utilisation of a building or room.

These insights help reduce energy wastage, improve working efficiency and bring costs down. For example, heating can be lowered when occupancy is high (in relation to utilisation).

But the heating can also be lowered if occupancy is low. With data provided by the Office Occupancy Counter, you can also respond to air quality and health in relation to the room. For example CO2 values in public areas.

The Office Occupancy Counter gains insight into buildings by looking how many people are in a room, as well as where they are moving. This useful information offer opportunities for many types of buildings, and for types of organisations. Libraries, universities and offices for example. Rooms can be used optimally, the well-being of staff improved, costs saved, and work done more efficiently. Facility Management (FM) professionals and organisations can focus on quality instead of on the number of times the cleaning team do their rounds. If rooms are not used, they do not need to be cleaned. This allows FM to work with variable quotation contracts based on quality. They can even show rooms that have been cleaned.

Safe use and sharing of data

Another advantage of the Office Occupancy Counter is that the data can be used anonymously. This of course means that the Office Occupancy Counter meets all privacy standards.

Plug and Play

Low power communication technologies, such as LTE, LoRaWAN, EnOcean etc. allows Plug & Play installation of the Office Occupancy Counter.


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