CO<sub>2</sub> Monitor

Helps obtaining a healthy environment


Connectivity included

Plug & Play

Place the batteries, scan the QR code and start monitoring your workplace

Future proof

Connect to any cloud platform

The simplest solution!

To make your workspace a healthy

Real Plug & Play

How do you know if the room you are working in is ventilated well enought?

Measuring the CO<sub>2</sub> levels will give you a good indication.

By using our Comfort Sensor in combination with the CO<sub>2</sub> Monitoring app you will be advised when to ventilate.

In most cases opening a door or window is enough for fresh air entering your workspot.

Place the batteries, scan the QR code and start reading your environmental levels.

This is made simple by using the included NB-IoT connectivity.

NB-IoT stands for Narrowband IoT which is a specialized network dedicated for sensors on the existing 4G and future 5G networks.

CO<sub>2 Monitor


NB-IoT Comfort Sensor

Power supply

1x or 2x 3.6v AA Lithium batteries


NB-IoT (SIM card included)

Default reading interval

15 minutes

Opertating temperature

0 – 50 <sup>o</sup>C



Color / Material

white / ABS

Sensor Components

CO<sub>2</sub> Sensor

Measurement range

400 – 5000ppm


+/-50ppm + 5% of reading

Temperature sensor

Accuracy tolerance

+/0.2<sup>o</sup>C @ 0-65<sup>o</sup>C

Humidity sensor

Accuracy tolerance

+/-2% @ 10-90%

Presence detection (optional)

Detection range


Field of view

150<sup>o</sup> horizontal, 35<sup>o</sup>

CO<sub>2</sub> Monitor App

  • Easy access using QR Code
  • Direct information about Indoor Air Quality
  • 3 weeks of history @ 15 minute measurement interval
  • Color and threshold profile per device possible


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