IoT for smart building monitoring

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Comfort Sensor

Measure indoor comfort by monitoring CO2, temperature, humidity, presence. Connected via NB-IoT


People Counter

Easy installation for accurate counting without the need for setting up count lines or calibration and so on..


Plug & Play CO2 Monitor

The simplest solution to make your workspace a healthy.

How do you know if the room you are working in is ventilated well enought? Measuring the CO2 levels will give you a good indication.

By using our Comfort Sensor in combination with the CO2 Monitoring app you will be advised when to ventilate.

System Integrators

We see our customers as partners. Together with our partners a complete range of solutions can be offered for the Smart Building market.

Cloud platforms

In the world of IoT there are plenty of Cloud platforms to choose to build your business on. We have experience with multiple Cloud platforms to fasten the integration of our IoT Sensor hardware.To name a few to which we are able to support: Google Cloud IoT, Microsoft Azure, AWS, IBM Watson


Nowadays there is always a technology available which can connect a device.For IoT devices NB-IoT and LoRaWAN are the most interesting technologies. Low power and long range communication. On the edge of your IoT network you can still use 4G, Wifi, Ethernet and LTE Cat M1.We can help you creating new solutions and ideas.

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